Chocolate & Caramel Fountains

Our chocolate fountains offer a cascade of flowing, mouthwatering chocolate to dip bananas, strawberries and much more into. We offer three small fountains with a choice of milk, dark or white chocolate. We also have a variety of coloured chocolate to match any theme you may choose. We are always experimenting and trying new things. Stay tuned for possible new dipping ideas.

We also provide the freshest dipping items priced on a per person basis. These include, fresh fruit such as strawberries, pineapple, melon, ladyfingers, pretzels, marshmallows, biscotti and cream puffs just to mention a few. Let your imagination run and suggest others. Nothing is impossible if you can dream it.

We offer 1-3 fountains with milk, dark or white chocolate. We can also offer coloured chocolate to match your event decor. If you decide chocolate isn't your thing, we can offer you sweet, creamy caramel to dip your goodies in! We provide one attendant for 2 hours to supervise the table to ensure the presentation remains attractive to you and your guests.


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